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I installed MiglioSoft Wallpaper, but it doesn't change the wallpaper. Do I need to do anything after installing it?
Yes. After installation, you must add pictures to your MiglioSoft Wallpaper collection. This tells the program what images to use for the wallpaper. You can add pictures via the File - Add menu, or by clicking on the Green Arrow in the toolbar. You must have at least two pictures in your collection to have the wallpaper change noticably.

How do I set it to change the wallpaper every time I start Windows?
This setting is under the Options menu. Just click on the Change At Startup selection. This item will have a check mark if this feature is enabled.

I have MiglioSoft Wallpaper set to randomize the wallpapers, but I sometimes get the same wallpaper several times in a row. Why?
The Randomize function will select a random image to display, but will not keep track of the previous images that were displayed. This is analagous to the rolling of a die. It is quite possible to roll the same number consecutively, yet overall the rollings will generally produce a different number. This is just the nature of randomization.

Will it work on Macintosh computers too?
No. MiglioSoft Wallpaper was written solely for use with Microsoft Windows, and is not cross platform portable.

I have the wallpaper set to change every X minutes. When the wallpaper changes, all open windows get refreshed as well. Why?
When the wallpaper is updated, Windows calls its internal redraw routines. This behavior is built in to Windows itself, and cannot be changed. If this causes problems with a particular application, the ONLY remedy is to disable the "Change Wallpaper Automatically" option. You can still set the wallpaper to change at Startup, or manually via the Taskbar Icon.

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